Thursday, 14 April 2011

Portal 2 Getting Released Early???

Just a short post to let you guys know that the countless rumors of an early release may be in fact true!

A countdown timer is leading towards a April 15th release, just in time for the weekend!

We'll see if it's true or is just a very late (and downright cruel) april fools joke XD

Monday, 11 April 2011

Dino D-Day Review

Sorry for the large break between now and my last post, I've been really busy and am now sick, but whatever, I'm back with this review!

This game was originally a mod for the source engine, and it was originally coop players versus ai dinosaurs. But they've stemmed out, it seems, to a much better player vs player scenario--Axis vs Allies. Each side has 6 classes, the Nazis have a rifleman, sniper, medic, velociraptor, desmatosuchus (with a 20mm cannon strapped on its back), and dilophosaurus. For the allies there is a rifleman, sub-machine gunner, sniper, medic, rocket launcher and support (BAR) class.

The maps usually have some hold the point objective although there is also a 'blow up the objective' mode. I find no one really pays attention to the modes and instead everyone just treats the game like a team deathmatch. The blow up objective mode is somewhat flawed, the satchels you throw need time to blow up, and the enemy must defuse them before they blow up, but the placement of these satchels is very iffy, and it's not clear as to where to put them, so usually the Axis (defenders) win this 90% of the time.

Unfortunately there are only American and European servers, and in total not enough servers anyway. You will find plenty of people playing, of course, seeing as it is a new game and steam promotes new games well, but if you're not from America or Europe then the lag might be a turn off. Personally, I don't mind the lag. I'm from Australia, so I get around 190ms to American servers, it's playable, but if I try to play a dinosaur where I need to precisely melee or leap onto someone, it's nigh-on impossible. But hey, us Aussies are used to lag. Just remember, the lag works both ways, a lot of people have complained (read: bitched and moaned) about my high ping and how they can never seem to grab me.

With all that technical stuff aside, let's talk about the fun factor. Even though this game hasn't received a large amount of polish or tweaking, this game is a lot of fun. Personally I've had hours of fun with this game, and for only $20USD it is great value. A lot of my friends refuse to buy the game because of how silly it is, but that's the whole point, it's a silly game! This game has made me laugh more than a few occasions, it's a all-frills type of game that will leave you with a large smile on your face as you get a 3 killstreak and start punching the crap out of dinosaurs to the sound track of 'AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!'

Score: 7.5/10 (it would be 8/10 if there were Australian servers). For $20 you can't go wrong, there's a lot more that you could be spending your money on that is by far worse than this.